The topics covered here touch upon social movements, animal rights, social norms, food cultures, dominant influence and minority change. And more! A common underlying thread is the attempt to understand the mechanisms by which social systems maintain the status quo. Hopefully, this can lead to the weak spots – the crack in the system where one can initiate change.

I am interested in food systems because of their absolute centrality to so many human (and other) matters. My principal focus has been the dairy industry and the increasing consumption of milk around the world. The globalization of milk consumption is a fascinating example of a food industry mushrooming new markets, forging the cultural changes in habits and norms that consolidate their profits, and tapping into Eurocentrism to do so. From analysis of ads to the role of food aid, I will write about the building blocks of this global process.

A Crack in the System also focuses on veganism/animal liberation as a movement that aims to change social norms. This is because I care deeply about animal liberation, but also because it is a prime prism to look at the dynamics in struggles around social norms and change. Over the years, observing the evolving ways in which people react to and dismiss veganism has also been a starting point to think about the values, beliefs and ideals that are common to social groups at a given time.

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